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Since forming as a collective in 2009, Engine-Earz enjoyed a remarkable creative and popular ascent, attributed not least to their unique live show which as a touring act they have travelling internationally with acts like Enter Shikari, DJ Shadow, Tricky, Dreadzone and even joining The Streets on their farewell tour.


Now led solely by mastermind Prash Mistry under the Engine-Earz Experiment guise, the project has grown ever more indefinable: one born not of conforming to audiences' expectations but of constantly confounding them.

The producer has taken things down a more cinematic path, returning to his roots and pianist and crafting something so unexpected and beautiful….” I-D



Engine-Earz’ output has musical traditions nestled neatly with modern sonic refinements; weaving together strands of part instrument and part machine, part culture and part cinematic, but always personal. 



With an overarching sense of purposefulness and at times superhuman productivity, Prash is quite clearly forming a legacy of extensive, new music, where no genre is too sacred to break and no song too mainstream to incorporate. Story telling of traditional experiments and percussive austerity; turning laborious studio arrangements into defiant, and affirming bodies of work, he relates to music in ways beyond how it sounds—one that bonds with the decisions and intentions of each musician and vocalist involved.



Impressive and commanding as ever Engine-Earz Experiment’s sonically and especially vivid music compositions have over the last decade illuminated through all of his many projects, culminating in his Circus Records signed LP ‘Symbol’; one that is set to break new ground as one of the first albums to be mixed with 9.1 Auro-3D technology for Pure Audio Blu ray release.



From Kate Havnevik’s defiant Blue Moon to Jenna G’s fiery vocal parade in Impossible, musicality, production and performance meld together seamlessly for an immersive and emotive listening experience. One of the many album highlights, Spirit Guide, features the vocal talents of former Dead Can Dance singer, Lisa Gerrard, whose collaboration with Hans Zimmer on the Gladiator movie soundtrack earned her a Golden Globe Award. Needless to say, Symbol is comprised of collaborations of the highest calibre. Further pairings with Aloe Blacc in Secrets, and poet / rapper, Akala, in The Truth, proves the project’s scope and ambition, while tracks Channeling, The Crossing, and Fly Away all display a high-octane production aesthetic – acting as a reminder that Prash’s influences from the underground are just as important; much to the appeal of Engine-Earz Experiment fans, old and new.



“Symbol” is a melting pot of different genres, majestically layered and divinely crafted sounds. It showcases Prash Mistry’s unabated talent as a producer, multi-instrumentalist and bandleader. The album is accompanied by a stunning visual anthology by film-maker, Drew Cox, featuring a narrative that interweaves all of the songs, and packaged in the work of prestigious artist, Nitin Shantilal Vadukul – whose previous work has portrayed His Holiness the Dalai Lama, former U.S. President, Barack Obama, and superstar rapper, Jay-Z. Rest assured the Engine-Earz Experiment is one that is guaranteed to garner the best results.



A fascinating entity, his ambitious and meticulous production approach to his craft often oppressing any fears of abandoning the musical diversity that puts him far ahead of many of his contemporaries.

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